7 Best 4×6 Thermal Label Printer for Shipping [ Based on 4 Printer Tested]

In this post, we are going to take look on what is the best 4×6 thermal label printer for shipping. As eCommerce sales grow there has no more need for shipping printers than today.

For that reason, I have tested 4 thermal label printers for shipping to find out what works best for our shipping departments as well as what to look for in a thermal label printer.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your eCommerce business by choosing the wrong shipping label printer which can cost you time and waste lots of money.

I really do mean it you can waste lots of money if you got the wrong printer.

I am not talking about the printer itself but the cost to operate the printer. For example, if you choose a printer that is not compatible with any shipping label then you can lose money by buying high price shipping label which is a variable cost.

As you might realize that buying a printer is a fixed cost but buying a shipping label is a variable cost. So you want to make sure that the printer you are about to purchase is compatible with any kind of 4×6 shipping label.

You also need to make sure that the shipping label you bought high a quality label for a cheap price. For that reason, I have tested the Jardo label which provides a high-quality shipping label. You can check the test I have performed for this label and the result I got.

So I would recommend the Jardo label for your shipping label needs

Before we list the thermal label printer, let’s try to understand what are some of the benefits of using a thermal label printer. The benefit includes increased print speed, reduced printing cost, reduced maintenance cost, improved print quality, increased print functionality, don’t use of cartridges.

We will discuss in detail the benefit later in the blog post. Without further due, let’s find out what is best thermal label printer for shipping

List of top best 4×6 thermal Label Printer for Shipping

I have listed the first 4 printers which are based on testing number #1 means most recommend and number #4 is least recommended and four to seven which I do not recommend at this moment. Also, this direct thermal label is compatible with all shipping software.

5 Best Thermal Label Printers

The thermal label printer uses thermal technology for producing barcodes and shipping labels. Thermal printing technology has become widespread across the globe and is now preferred over laser and inkjet printing technologies.

Thermal label printers have key benefits like 

  • Instant printing 
  • Requires less maintenance 
  • No ink or toner lowers the cost 
  • Produce high-quality labels
  • Save money

In this article, I compiled a list of the 5 best thermal label printers. This will help you to choose the right printer for your business.

1:  Zebra GK420d

2: PUQU Wireless

3: Brother QL-1100 Wide Format

4: JingChen B3 Bluetooth

5: DYMO 450 Twin Turbo

Zebra GK420d


Zebra GK420d is an easy-to-use direct thermal desktop printer. Its operational efficiencies are exceptional. It can help you to produce shipping labels, quality texts, barcodes, and also produce graphic designs. It works by using heat to transfer colored ink onto a page or to change the color of the paper itself.


Zebra GK420d has considerable features given below: 

  • Working Principle: It works on the principles of the latest thermal technology, which eliminates the use of ink or toner.
  • Compatibility: Zebra GK420d is compatible with direct thermal label rolls with 1 in the core, max diameter of 5 inches, and max media width of 4.25 inch.
  • Easy-to-use: It is very handy, you can use it by connecting via USB, parallel port, or serial.
  • Key Performance: Zebra GK420d is best for printing high-quality address, shipping, mailing, file folder, barcode, and binder labels as well as name tags, wrist bands, and receipts.
  • Fast working: It is faster in working than any other printer i.e., it prints 5in/sec at 203dpi. Each printout is clear and visible. 
  • Specific: It is very specific in command and helps in printing exact quantities instead of wasting 8.5 x 11 sheets of labels.
  • Reliability: Zebra GK420d thermal desktop printers are very reliable and are cost-effective due to a wide range of their uses. 


Zebra GK420 desktop thermal printers are easy-to-use, economical, reliable, and have 100% operational efficiency. It is not only helpful for printing barcodes/shipping/mailing and binder labels but it also helps in a variety of graphic design related work. They are available at cheaper rates and can help you for a longer duration. You can easily use them with windows 10 or above and MAC. 

PUQU Wireless Label Maker


PUQU label maker is a pocket-sized thermal printer that uses thermal technology to make labels. It prints labels for address, file folders, shipping, cable, and price labels.


  • Save money: It prints labels by using thermal technology. Hence, it doesn’t require expensive ink or toner. It has a rechargeable battery that eliminates the use of extra money on the purchase of a new battery. Its battery has a 180-day standby capacity.
  • Print width: It prints labels up to 2”x3.2”.
  • Travel-ready: It is a pocket-sized printer; you can take it with you anywhere for your business trips. You don’t need USB cables or parallel ports for its connectivity. It can easily connect with your mobile phones via Bluetooth unless you have a PUQU printing app on your mobile phones.
  • Easy to install: It is very easy to install. It can be operated with Android and IOS. Steps for its installation are

          Step 1: Paper roll installation

                       Step 2: Connect with the printer through a smartphone

                       Step 3: Get your label perfectly printing

  • High-speed printer: It produces high-quality (203dpi) labels at a speed of 10-35mm/sec.
  • Prints neat and clear labels: It prints neat and clean jewelry labels, price labels, express delivery labels, clothing labels, barcodes, mailing labels, folder labels, and many more.


PUQU wireless label maker is a portable and high-speed thermal label printer for smartphones. It is compatible with IOS also. You can carry it with yourself anywhere and can use it for making shipping labels, barcodes, clothing labels, price labels, etc.

Brother QL-1100 Wide Format


Brother QL-1100 is a professional, high-speed label printer. It helps to produce highly reliable, economical, and high-quality printing labels for shipping, packages, envelopes, postage, etc. It is compatible with Windows and MAC operating systems and has wireless connectivity.


  • Fast printing: Its works very fast. It generates 69 standard shipping address labels in just one minute, minimizing the time spent in waiting for labels.
  • Ideal prints: It creates 4” wide printing labels, which is an ideal size for labeling on shipping and postage packages.
  • Easy to integrate: It is very easy to manage and integrate on a network by using Brother network management tool and SDKs. Free software development kits are provided in boxes for Windows, IOS and Android systems.
  • Plug and Play: In Windows PCs, you can print and create labels without installing software.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows and MAC systems and integrated with Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook. It requires wireless connectivity for producing labels.
  • Cost effective: It saves money by eliminating the use of ink or toner.
  • Clear and crisp text: It produces high resolution (300 x 300 dpi) labels with crisp and clear texts and graphics.
  • Automatic adjustment: This barcode printer automatically adjusts the on-screen template by automatically detecting the size of DK tapes in the machine.
  • Crop function: It has a built-in automatic cutter, which identifies and crops individual labels (including barcodes) from an A4 paper. Hence, saving a lot of your time spent in cutting labels.


Brother QL 1100 is time saving, cost-effective, and ready to use thermal label printers. In the case of Windows PCs, you can print labels without installing software. For IOS and Android system free SDKs are provided in the box. You can use them for producing labels for shipping, postage, envelopes, and many more. 

JingChen B3 Bluetooth


JingChen B3 is a portable thermal label printer that prints labels by using direct thermal technology. It is one of the best choices to make customized labels for clothing industries and other markets.


  • Key specifications: It is lightweight(350g) and small-sized, rechargeable lithium battery, and easy to operate with a mobile office.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: JingChen B3 is compatible with PC, Android, and IOS. You can connect it with both a USB cable and Bluetooth. It is very easy to handle. For Android and IOS, you need to scan the QR code on the backside of the printer to download the JingChen app.
  • Long standing battery: It has a rechargeable lithium battery, which can print labels continuously for 5 hours. In one roll you can print up to 400 labels, depending on the size of paper.
  • No ink or toner: It creates prints using thermal technology eliminating the need for ink or toner.
  • Import excel and picture: This printer can help you to edit texts, numbers, logos, patterns, and barcodes, and it also supports the import of Excel for Bulk printing.
  • Meet business needs: It can meet all of your business/professional needs, you can make a variety of labels for identification and tagging of different products like watches, perfumes, jewelry, shoes, merchandise, and any other business that needs labels.


JingChen B3 is a Bluetooth portable thermal label printer. You can make high-quality all-sized labels for your business and professional needs by using this printer.

DYMO 450 Twin Turbo


DYMO Twin Turbo has two label rolls that can print labels and postage at a time without the need for swapping the rolls. It also works on thermal printing technology. You can make customized shipping labels, barcode labels, address labels, etc. from this printer.


  • Save time: It can save a lot of your time as it can make labels directly from text in QuickBooks, MS Word, Outlook, Excel, and other programs. It prints 71 four-lined standard labels in just one minute.
  • Windows and MAC: It is compatible with MAC OS X v10.8 or above and Windows 7 or above.
  • High-quality labels: It creates high quality (600 x 300) creates clear and neat labels, barcodes, and graphics.
  • Create customized labels: It can create high volume customized barcode labels, address labels, mailing labels, shipping labels, name badges, file folders, and binders.
  • Enhance efficiency: It enhances efficiency by printing postage and address labels at the same time without swapping rolls.
  • No ink or toner: It creates customized labels by thermal printing technology. Hence, it doesn’t require expensive ink or toner.
  • Print width: It creates labels up to 56mm width.


DYMO Twin Turbo has two in one function. You save a lot of your time by creating postages and labels at the same time. You can easily print 71 labels in one minute from it. It is perfect for making shipping labels, inventory labels, name badges, etc.  

Buying Guide

Thermal label printers produce labels by using either thermal transfer technology or direct thermal technology. To make it easier for you for deciding about purchasing a thermal label printer, below is a quick overview of all of your queries

What resolution should your label printer have?

While deciding on purchasing a thermal label printer, make sure that your printer has a resolution up to 200dpi (dots per square inch) or above. The higher the resolution the clearer will be the text.

How will you connect to the label printer?

For connecting label printers, you just need a computer, a USB, and a serial or parallel connection. If your printer has an ethernet connection, you just need to connect a network cable and now it can be shared across your network.

How will you install the software into your system?

Well, we will provide you a USB with installed software in it. Connect the USB and install software on the printer from there and you’re ready to print labels. USB has Software for both MAC and Windows.

How will you design your label?

All of the printers have basic in-build label design software. If you want to design your label, you may download software on your computer named “BarTender”. This software is Windows-based.

What advantages will you get from thermal label printers?

Thermal label printers can help you in producing labels for major shipping platforms, e-commerce stores, warehouses, postage, packages, tags, wristbands, receipts, and many more.

I hope this guide will help you in making a decision for buying thermal label printers. If you are still having difficulty, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you find the right printer for your needs.


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