How to Ship a Dog – Here’s How to Make a Decision

How to ship a dog is a real challenge because animals are much more difficult to transport due to their needs. Make sure all the paperwork is complete and find the right shipping company. Go through its requirements before making an application for transportation.

Shipping fragile stuff has always been an issue, but what do you do when it comes to living animals?

Unlike fragile items, live animals can’t be wrapped, covered in lots of padding, and chucked in a box. There are certain rules and regulations to pay attention to.

Figuring out how to ship a dog can bring in lots of headaches.

Getting the buyer to pick the dog up in person is much easier, but there are times when long distances could be an issue.

With these thoughts in mind, this guide will explain everything you need to know.

What You Need to Prepare

  • The dog you want to ship
  • A travel kennel big enough to accommodate your dog
  • Veterinary paperwork, such as all the required vaccines
  • Medications your dog may need
  • A few favorite toys of your pet and a blanket
  • Bowls for food and water
  • Identification details for the dog
  • Collar and leash

How to Prepare a Dog for Shipping

In this guide, you will learn how to ship your dog safely and efficiently like a pro. By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

1. Get the Dog Used to the Kennel

First of all, the dog needs to get used to the kennel. Do a bit of house training first. Get the kennel and ensure it’s big enough for the dog to comfortably move around it. House training should take a month or so.
Then, get the dog used to a kennel in the car. Move the kennel to your car and put the dog in it when you go out for walks or you take it out. You can even take it to the veterinarian while in the crate.

2. Get the Veterinary Paperwork in Order

If you’re going to a vet, you might as well get all the paperwork in order. You’ll need it anyway. Make sure vaccines are in place. Your dog may also require deworming. If you’re unsure, simply ask the vet for everything needed.
You’ll also need a passport if you need to send an animal abroad. Besides, each country has different requirements.

3. Prepare the Package / Kennel

Prepare the dog’s belongings and everything that’s going on in the package. If the dog takes certain medication, make sure it’s included. If the dog will have to take some during transportation, discuss it with the shopping company.
Get the dog’s favorite toys together, not many, but just a couple. Also, you’ll need two separate bowls, one for water and one for food.
Your dog should have the collar on. A leash will also be needed.

4. Apply for Shipping

You’ll most likely have to apply for shipping. Choose a shipping company that matches your requirements and ships to the city, state, or country you want the dog delivered to.
Most companies will ship on certain days of the week. Whatever their requirements are, you’ll have to make an application and include details about the dog.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Dog?

Weight is by far the most important consideration when shipping a dog. Just like for anything else, the size is also directly proportional to the weight. A chihuahua will obviously cost less than a German Shepherd.

The size of the crate is just as important. Since the dog’s well-being is at risk, don’t compromise on its available space. Make sure the dog has plenty of space.

You’ll have to spend a bit more if you want to pay for insurance too.

Ship a Dog Domestically

Expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $300 for regular shipping. If the distance is too long and the dog will be sent over by plane, costs can even exceed $1,000.

It’s important to apply and get quotes from different companies. Costs will vary widely, even if they float around the same average. Do stick to a reputable shipping company, though.

Some companies require a kennel for transportation. Some others don’t, so make sure you ask first. Some companies will use their own kennels. If you’re asked to use your own, its size will affect the price. Otherwise, you’ll need to measure the dog for a more personalized quote.

You’ll also be asked for the breed of the dog.

While not recommended, most dog shipping companies will transport dogs even if their vaccines are not up to date. It’s not a good idea because of the health risks.

Shipping companyEstimated delivery timePrice
uShip5 days$442
Air Animal Pet Movers2 days$500
Starwood Animal Transport2 days$450

Ship a Dog Internationally

International shipments cost much more when it comes to dogs. Many times, they will exceed $1,000. It obviously depends on the country you select. Many companies will use planes for long distances, as the shipment is much faster.

When shipped on the roads or by train, dogs require more care, such as quick walks, constant water, and food.

Requirements are more diversified when it comes to international shipments because you’ll need a passport and up-to-date vaccines. Furthermore, different countries have different rules when it comes to animal imports.

The Cheapest Way to Ship a Dog

Surprisingly for some, large shipping companies like USPS, FedEx, or UPS don’t send dogs. Instead, you’ll need to use a company specializing in animal transportation, especially dog transportation. Many companies will only ship small cold-blooded animals, such as fish.

Also, while you can find such companies, ensure they can provide transportation from your place to your destination.

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Final Thoughts

The bottom line, a dog is a living being. You’ll need to do more than pack a dog in a box to ship it. It won’t work that way. Not every company accepts shipping dogs, as they require food, water, and quick walks over long distances.

Shop around for the best service, and make sure you choose a reliable company that will look after your animal during transportation.