How to Ship Action Figures Without Damaging Sticking Out Parts

How to ship action figures begins with wrapping the toy in bubble cushioning. Make sure no parts are sticking out, such as arms or weapons. Get a small box and lots of packing peanuts, and your parcel is ready to go.

Action figures are generally sturdy and easy to ship, but careless packing can ruin them.

If the package does not handle properly, an arm or perhaps the head could break.

Since you can never know how courier employees handle your package, it is wiser to ensure nothing can destroy these valuables.

This article will teach you how to ship action figures and prevent all the potential risks associated with transportation.

Table of Contents

What You Need to Prepare

  • The action figure you want to send
  • Bubble cushioning or wrap
  • Packing tape to seal the box
  • Packing peanuts for extra cushioning
  • Scissors
  • Corrugated box – big enough to take the action figure, but not massive
  • Shipping labels
  • Money for shipping costs

How to Pack Action Figures

In this guide, you will learn how to ship action figures safely and efficiently, like a pro. By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

1. Cover the Action Figure in Bubble Wrap or Cushioning

Wrap the action figure all over the place.

Any shape it has, you need to go all around it, between the arms, over the legs, around the head, etc.

It needs to be a square or round bubble wrap shape.

Make sure you do not leave any gaps.

For example, if the arms are in the air, go with bubble wrap around them.

Cover the head and each leg individually and other things that stick out.

Going all around them will pressure them, and improper handling can cause them to snap, despite the wrap.

If parts of the action figure move, it makes sense to rearrange them along the body.

If the action figure holds a sword and can be removed, take it off and line it up along the body before wrapping everything.

2. Pack the Action Figure in a Box

In theory, you could send action figures in an envelope.

They will make it to their destination, but they will likely be damaged or broken.

Boxes make a better choice.

The box should be a bit bigger than the size of the wrapped action figure.
Throw some packing peanuts at the bottom, place the action figure, and complete all the gaps with more peanuts.

Push them in a little or shake the box to make sure they settle, then fill the space again. You want the action figure to float inside the box.

3. Seal the Box

Get the tape and scissors and seal the box.

Use plenty of tape, even if that means struggling to open up the package.

You want it to be safe, after all.

A few layers of tape will cover more than just the openings.

Go around corners and so on.
While not necessary, some people wrap boxes as well after taping them.

It is an extra layer of protection but not mandatory if the previous steps have been completed correctly.
You can write fragile on the box or put a sticker on it.

It is not a guarantee that courier employees will be more careful with it, but it helps to play it safe – you never know.

4. Find a Courier and Get Shipping Labels

Shop for couriers and find out who can send the box for the cheapest rate.

After all, the box will not be too big unless you send more shipping figures – follow the same steps for all of them.
Even so, most couriers will be able to do it both nationally and internationally.
Get your shipping labels, and the package is ready to go.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Action Figures?

“Based on the size of the action figure and the package, you could pay less than $5 or more than $10.”

It also depends on where you send it – the distance is quite important.

Most couriers will charge you as per weight, though.

A large box may also bring in extra fees, but action figures are less likely to require such boxes – unless you send dozens of them in one go.

Costs for international shipments are higher.

At the same time, most couriers have different packages – for instance, express or next-day deliveries will cost more than the standard ones.

If you have an expensive action figure – rare or collectible, you may want to consider insuring the parcel, too – this is another cost, but it adds to your peace of mind.

The Cheapest Way to Ship Action Figures

Most couriers will give you similar prices for the shipment.

However, they never include the cost of shipping labels in their standard prices.

You will need to buy those separately, which will also add to the price.

More people rely on shipping software to print their shipping labels at home.

You can save money even if you send a single parcel – those who do it as a business will almost always rely on such software.

Plus, you no longer need to get in the queue – print the labels for free, stick them on and drop the parcel at the counter.

There are more types of shipping software out there, but Pirate Ship is probably the top-rated one.

Sign up, weigh your parcel and enter the weight and dimensions.

You will then be given a list of cheap couriers.

USPS is among the most popular results and often tops the list, but you could also find other couriers for different requirements.

It depends on the size, weight, and destination to be delivered of the parcel.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, how to ship action figures is not as difficult as it may seem.

Everything is in the packaging.

Make sure the action figure is well covered in bubble wrap and plenty of cushioning around it.

Improper handling by courier employees will no longer be a problem then.

As for shipping costs, they vary from one company to another.

Pirate Ship saves money on shipping labels and does the research for you, so you know precisely what your best option is.​