How to Ship a Baseball Glove While Preventing Damage or Deformity

How to ship a baseball glove- Bubble wrap the glove adequately, put the glove in a packing envelope and seal, place the envelope in a well-cushioned shipping box, close and seal, then get the package to the shipping company.

You know how vital a baseball glove or mitt is if you are into baseball.

It assists and protects your hand when catching or fielding.

A baseball glove is typically padded leather with some webbing between the fingers.

You may want to send a baseball glove to someone as a seller or friend.

But do you know how to ship a baseball glove effectively?

If not, get the details in this post and send it to arrive in perfect shape.

Table of Contents

What You Need to Prepare

  • The baseball glove to ship
  • Bubble wrap to wrap the baseball glove
  • A packing envelope to put the bubble-wrapped glove in
  • A sturdy and appropriately sized shipping box to house your baseball glove
  • Package label- Here, you can use a printed label or use a heavy black marker to label the shipping box
  • Extra cushioning for the shipping box, which can be packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper
  • Packaging tape to use for sealing
  • The money you will use to take care of shipping fees and extra charges

How to Pack Baseball Gloves

In this guide, you will learn how to ship baseball gloves safely and efficiently, like a pro. By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

1. Secure your Baseball Glove

Securing the glove is of uttermost importance.

Start by loosely bubble-wrapping the glove with two or more layers.

It will help protect it from damage while in transit, and it will also help protect it from elements like dirt and moisture.

You can then go ahead and seal it.

2. Put the Glove in the Envelope

Once you have bubble wrapped your glove, put it in the packing envelope, and seal it.

It is a way to offer extra protection.

3. Pack and Cushion Your Glove

It is always best to put your baseball glove in a shipping box.

It is the box that will also have extra cushioning and filling.
Put the enveloped glove in the shipping box of your choice.

You can get a shipping box from your shipping company, buy one, or use an old one.

The box should be of a considerate size, but it should also have extra space.
You should put the glove in the box and add your cushioning (foam peanuts or crumpled newspapers) to fill the empty spaces.

It will prevent movement during transportation.

Here, you can shake the box a little to feel the contents moving.

If they are, add more fillers.

4. Seal Your Shipping Box

Once everything is in the box, it is time to close and seal it.

Pass your packaging tape twice on the seams and flaps and use an “H” method for the best sealing.

5. Label Your Package

You will need to provide the necessary address details.

Give details of the recipient and include yours too.

Have the details on two sides of the box and protect them with packaging tape to prevent smearing or falling off.

6. You’re Ready to Go

Now your baseball glove is ready for shipping.

You can take it to the nearest shipping station or wait for the post person’s pick up.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Baseball Gloves?

Like most shipments, the cost of shipping a baseball glove will depend on various factors, which shipping and courier companies measure differently.

The typical metrics are usually the weight/size of your package, its destination, and the kind of service you need.

You should be ready with $5-$30.

This price is subject to change, but you can also use a shipping rate calculator for more accurate prices.

A baseball glove may not be heavy, but your package’s final weight or size may be affected depending on how you pack it and its material.

You will pay more for a heavier and larger package than a lighter and smaller one.

If you are shipping the glove to an international destination, you will pay more than if your shipment goes to a local or domestic destination.

International deliveries usually come with applicable import duties or customs charges, which is why shipping companies charge more.

If you use a shipping company’s standard service, the shipping cost will be less than for their express service.

The delivery of a baseball glove will usually take one day to a week.

The Cheapest Way to Ship Baseball Gloves

If you want to ship a baseball glove cheaply, you can use UPS.

To cut down the costs even further, opt to buy your UPS postage using a shipping software like Pirate Ship.

You can get pre-negotiated prices for various UPS services and shipping labels.

To create a label, go to the “Ship Page” and hit the button tagged “Create a Single Label.” Provide the necessary details and click “Get Rates” to see the available options.

You can choose a service depending on the currently available services (domestic and international) for your shipment.

You will also be able to see the day-specific delivery estimates. By default, the services are sorted with the most affordable.

Final Thoughts

Baseball gloves are usually sturdy because of their material.

However, that does not mean that when the need for shipping arises, you only throw them into a box and send them.

It is always best to properly pack the glove(s) to avoid damage.

Some are very valuable, and again if a baseball glove is deformed, it will not serve its purpose.

I hope that this guide will be helpful and practical when you need to ship a baseball glove.

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