How to Ship A Baseball Helmet- The Best Approach to Avoid Possible Damage

How to ship a baseball helmet- Secure any movable parts and wrap the entire helmet with different layers of bubble wrap. Put the well-secured helmet in a shipping box with packing peanuts, address and label your shipment, and get it to a shipping company.

A baseball helmet is vital gear for gamers.

It protects the head from errant pitch hits or in case of an accidental wild pitch or a purposeful attempt.

Since they are mandatory gears, many players may want them, which sometimes calls for shipping.

Do you know how to ship a baseball helmet?

If not, this article details the entire process and tips on getting the helmet to its recipient intact and in the best condition.

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What You Need to Prepare

How to Pack Baseball Helmets

In this guide, you will learn how to ship baseball helmets safely and efficiently, like a pro. By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

1. Secure the Helmet Accordingly

Start by securing movable helmet parts like the faceguard with blue painter’s tape.

This tape works best since it does not damage the helmet’s finish nor leave any residue.

Taping also prevents the parts from moving while the helmet is in transit.
From here, wrap the rest of the helmet with bubble wrap.

All the parts must be padded and well-covered.

You should cover using a couple of layers to ensure it is well-protected.

It is always good to secure the bubble wrap with tape.

2. Pack the Secured Helmet

You will need to put your wrapped helmet in a sturdy shipping box.

Ideally, have your box about three inches larger than the wrapped helmet on the top, sides, and bottom.

This extra space is what you will use to add the packing peanuts.

You should fill all sides and ensure the helmet sits snugly without moving in the middle.
After adding the peanuts, attempt to close it (not seal) and shake it a bit to test if your package is in one place; if the box is well packed, there should be no movement upon shaking.

Suppose you feel any movement; add more packing peanuts.

Do this until you can no longer sense any shifting.

3. Close and Seal Your Shipping Box

After confirming no slight movement in the shipping box, close and seal it using the packaging tape; to ensure that you reinforce the seams and flaps, use an “H” method to seal and run the tape twice.

4. Label Your Package

Here, you need to provide the shipping or courier company with critical details about your shipment on two sides.

Make sure to include a shipper’s and recipient’s address.

You can also label your package as “sporting equipment.”

You should pass packaging tape over your label to prevent smearing.

It also works to secure printed labels further.

5. You’re Ready to Go

Now your baseball helmet is secured and ready for shipping.

Depending on what you want to do, you can consider taking it to a shipping station or wait for it to be picked up by the mail or post person.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Baseball Helmets?

A baseball helmet will come with different shipping costs depending on its destination, the package’s weight/size, and the service you choose from your shipping company or courier.

Generally, have about $40-$100.

It is not a guaranteed price range.

You may pay more or less depending on various factors.

If you pack your shipment as heavy or oversized, the shipping company will charge you more than when you pack it to be lighter or smaller.

If you want your helmet to be shipped internationally, that will attract more charges than domestic or local delivery.

The main reasons for this are customs charges or import taxes applied to international shipments.

You will also have to pay more if you choose to use a shipping company’s express service and not their standard service.

In addition, if you insure your helmet, your shipping costs will be more than when it is not.

Whether you want to ship your baseball helmet domestically or internationally, the time taken for delivery should ideally be between a day to a week.

The Cheapest Way to Ship Baseball Helmets

Most of us want to reduce shipping costs to the most affordable but safe option.

We recommend using USPS and Pirate Ship as the shipping software to achieve this.

Through Pirate Ship, you can buy postage and even obtain the labels easily online.

By using Pirate Ship, you will also get cheaper shipping costs since the rates are usually pre-negotiated.

The rates will be more affordable for all the USPS services for your domestic or international shipment.

You can get free shipping boxes using USPS Priority Mail or USPS Express Priority Mail.

However, you will have to use the company labels for both services.

Final Thoughts

A baseball helmet is sturdy enough to withstand rough handling, including any shipping impact.

Even so, if you send one, you need to protect it accordingly against unwanted damages like dents or scratches.

With our guide above, you will be able to attain that efficiently.

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