How to Ship a Cowboy Hat With No Risks Whatsoever

How to ship a cowboy hat is a challenge because it is fragile, yet not impossible. Wrap the hat accordingly and use packing peanuts in abundance. Shop around for providers to keep prices low and print your shipping labels.

A cowboy hat is quite voluminous and will require a proper box.

At the same time, it is considered a fragile hat because it has a unique shape.

Folding it or putting it in a fragile box with no wrap around it will seriously damage it.

Luckily, a little attention to small details will ensure your cowboy hat can make it to the destination without getting damaged on the way.

Here is everything you need to know about how to ship a cowboy hat safely.

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What You Need to Prepare

How to Pack Cowboy Hats

In this guide, you will learn how to ship cowboy hats safely and efficiently, like a pro. By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

1. Prepare the Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hat should be dust-free because dust and pressure could get it stained, so give it a quick blow before packing it.

Then, you need to ensure it retains its shape – a bit of pressure could ruin it.

Turn it upside down and fill it up with packing peanuts – all the way.

2. Seal the Cowboy Hat

The next step implies sealing it.

Get a plastic bag – just big enough to take the whole hat.

Put the hat inside, then draw all the air out.

Make sure the bag is sealable.

While it will not necessarily help the hat retain its shape, the bag protects it against spillages or rain.

3. Wrap the Cowboy Hat

Get some bubble wrap and take it all around the hat – a couple of runs are enough.

Make sure the whole hat is covered from all directions.

Bubble wrap will keep it safe during transportation.

Do not seal it too tightly, or you could ruin its shape.

4. Pack the Cowboy Hat

Find a box that can take the wrapped hat – make sure there is a bit more space.

Throw some packing peanuts at the bottom and put the hat inside it.

Add more packing peanuts all around the hat and on top of it.
Press the peanuts in to ensure they will not move.

Close the box, shake it, and add more packing peanuts.

You want everything to be tight in there but not too tight, or you could affect the shape of the cowboy hat.

5. Seal the Box

Get some tape all over the box.

You want it to be perfectly sealed.

Go around each part of the box – a good seal will also protect it against rain or spillages.

Insist around the edges and corners, as those are likely to get damaged first.
Write fragile on the box or put a sticker on it.

You will never know whether or not postal workers will be more careful with it, but it adds to your peace of mind.

At least they are more likely to put it on top rather than cover it with other boxes.

6. Find a Courier and Ship the Cowboy Hat

Decide on a courier based on the quotes you get.

Get some shipping labels, and your parcel is ready to go.

Most couriers will charge you based on the total weight – luckily, cowboy hats are lightweight and less likely to cost too much in shipping.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Cowboy Hats?

You will normally pay anywhere between $12 and $45 to send a cowboy hat.

The price varies based on more factors.

It is cheaper to send it to a nearby location rather than states away.

Also, next-day or fast delivery options will cost more than the standard one.

You will naturally keep the weight low with a cowboy hat and some packing peanuts.

Make sure you keep the size low too.

Using a massive box for a small hat is pointless – too much volume may bring in extra fees.

Keep in mind that most prices do not include insurance – after all, most people would not insure a cowboy hat.

Insure the item, and you will pay a bit more on the final bill.

Keep in mind that even if you opt for standard delivery, it will not take too long to get the cowboy hat shipped – usually, about three days, which is acceptable.

Whatever the price is, you will need to pay for shipping labels separately.

Prices are higher for international shipments.

You will most likely have to pay up to two times more to send the item abroad.

Again, other factors could influence the final price.

You will pay more to send a cowboy hat to Turkey than to Mexico, to give you an example.

Each country has its rules, meaning prices will also vary based on the destination.

Again, you can opt for express shipping and insurance as well.

The Cheapest Way to Ship Cowboy Hats

UPS is among the most popular couriers out there, and for some good reasons.

It’s a large courier company and can keep prices low because it will ship more items to the respective destination and not just your hat.

Shipping labels will add to the price, but you can also print them yourself.

You will need to weigh and measure the package but also use shipping software for labels.

Pirate Ship is a good option, as it also gives you the cheapest couriers based on your measurements.

You will need a printer to print the shipping labels.

Our shipping software will also give you a brief overview of the most cost-efficient couriers.

However, if you send many heavy packages, Pirate ship will be your best choice.

Pirate ship is best for such packages, and they give cheaper rates for the same than USPS.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line, how to ship a cowboy hat is not as difficult as it may seem.

Prepare the package accordingly and find the best courier.

Print your shipping labels and stick to standard deliveries to keep prices low.

We are glad that you got your problem solved finally.

You can share this guide with your friends and relatives, and you can also check out our other articles to learn more about shipping methods.

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