How to Ship a Fedora Hat in the Safest Possible Way

How to ship a fedora hat might seem difficult because it is soft and fragile, but filling it up with packing peanuts and ensuring top-notch protection against improper handling and accidents will take it to your destination with no damage whatsoever.

A fedora hat is normally made of soft materials.

While it has a particular shape, it is very likely to get damaged during transit if not packed accordingly.

Known for the unique pinches and crowns, fedora hats represent a challenge for most people.

Figuring out how to ship a fedora hat is not necessarily about shipping but packing.

You must ensure it retains its unique shape, which involves attention to all the packing materials used. Here is what you need to know.

Table of Contents

What You Need to Prepare

  • The fedora hat you want to send
  • Sealable plastic bag for protection
  • Box to accommodate the hat
  • Packing peanuts or other packing materials
  • Tape to seal the box
  • Shipping labels for transportation
  • Money for the shipping expenses

How to Pack Fedora Hats

In this guide, you will learn how to ship fedora hats safely and efficiently, like a pro. By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

1. Prepare the Fedora Hat for Shipping

Give it a good shake if the fedora hat was stored on a shelf.

Do not leave any dust on it because too much pressure on the box during transportation can get the hat dirty or stained.

Shake it and blow all the dust away.

2. Fill the Fedora Hat Up With Packing Peanuts

You want to preserve the shape of the hat throughout transportation.

In other words, fill the hat up with packing peanuts.

You have no idea how postal workers will handle your parcel, hence the necessity to take this additional step.
Make sure there are plenty of packing peanuts to fill up the hat.

3. Get the Fedora Hat Sealed

Find a sealable plastic bag that can take the whole hat without putting any pressure on it.

Too much pressure will ruin its shape.

It should sit comfortably inside the bag.

Draw all the air out and seal it.

This protection will ensure the hat is not stained if the box is exposed to rain or spillage.

4. Get the Fedora Hat in a Box

Find a large box to accommodate the hat, but not massive – just slightly bigger.

Fill it up with packing peanuts – up to half an inch.

Put the hat in the middle and add more packing peanuts on the sides and top.

Push them down to settle.
You can then close the box and shake it slightly to ensure no movement.

Open it and add more packing peanuts until there is no room.

This protection ensures no movement, and slightly heavier items will not damage the hat.
Some people use two boxes – one slightly bigger than the other for extra protection.

Packing peanuts should also go between the two boxes.

It is not mandatory, but it will help, especially if you send an expensive fedora hat.

5. Seal the Box

Seal the box with tape and go a few times around it – make sure you do not overlook corners, as they tend to get damaged first.

Put a sticker saying fragile or write fragile on it – just for your peace of mind, it is not guaranteed that postal workers will be more careful with it.

6. Get the Shipping Labels and Send it

Find a courier based on the best rates.

Get shipping labels for the transportation – an extra cost not normally included in quotes – and send the parcel.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Fedora Hats?

You will most likely pay between $12 and $42 to ship a fedora hat within the USA.

Most couriers will charge you based on the weight – the actual size becomes important if you ship a large package, which is not the case for a fedora hat.

You will pay more if you want insurance for the package.

Different couriers will give you different rates, so shop around – also, express shipping costs more.

The distance will also affect the price – it is cheaper to send locally than to another state.

Moreover, unless it is urgent, you can do with standard shipping rather than express deals.

Shipping labels are not included in the price.

Shipping a fedora hat internationally could cost almost double.

There are more factors that could change the price. For instance, it is cheaper to ship it to Canada than to China.

The distance and the receiving country will most likely affect prices.

Again, shipping labels, insurance policies, or express shipping may add to the price.

The Cheapest Way to Ship Fedora Hats

USPS is your top option when not sure what courier to rely on.

They are a large company with a high volume of work, meaning they can keep prices low because they most likely have more shipments to your destination anyway.

You can reduce the price by using your shipping labels.

You will need shipping software for it – Pirate Ship is the best option.

It will find the cheapest courier for you based on the weight and size of the box.

You will also need a printer to print your shipping labels.

Our shipping software will also thoroughly search for the cheapest couriers for your needs.

Final Thoughts

How to ship a fedora hat is not as difficult as it may seem.

The secret is organizing everything in the package to ensure the hat retains its shape and design.

It may seem difficult, but plenty of packing peanuts and maybe some bubble wrap will do the trick.

Luckily, fedora hats are lightweight, so the price to ship them will not be too high.

It is still worth checking different couriers and getting more quotes before deciding – print your shipping labels, and prices will be even lower.

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