How to Ship Funko Pops Safely to Your Recipient

How to ship funko pops- protect the funko pops by placing them in a plastic protector or by double-boxing, bubble wrap, and sealing the bubble wrap. Put the secured funko pops in the main shipping box, close and tape it, and then get the shipment to the shipping company.

If you are into funko pop collecting or trading, you may want them shipped to you.

But as a sender, the shipping process may be tricky, especially if you haven’t done it before.

You want them to reach the recipient in good condition.

If you don’t know how to ship funko pops, this guide will be helpful enough, and it will also offer you extra shipping tips and a cheap shipping solution.

Table of Contents

What You Need to Prepare

  • The funko pops to be shipped
  • Plastic protector(s) to keep the funko pops sturdy. You can also use small boxes here for double-boxing. Ideal box sizes for double-boxing would be 7 x 5 x 4 or 8 x 6 x 4 from uline
  • Bubble wrap for extra protection
  • A shipping box to house the protected funko pop(s)- the box you use for shipping should ideally not be bigger than 2 inches on each side of the already double-boxed or protected funko pop(s). If it is too big, you will need more packaging material or bubble wrap, which may result in wastage
  • Packaging tape to seal the bubble wrap and the shipping box
  • A package label- you may print your shipping label, or you can label the package with a heavy black marker
  • The money needed to pay for shipping and additional charges

How to Pack Funko Pops

In this guide, you will learn how to ship funko pops safely and efficiently, like a pro. By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

1. Protect Your Funko Pops

Whether shipping one or many funko pops, you will need to protect them adequately to prevent transport damage.

There are two ways to do this;

You can directly put your funko pop(s) in the plastic protectors, or you can double box.

After deciding which method to use, you will need to bubble wrap the exterior.
Use just enough layering and seal the bubble wrap.

If you are shipping many funko pops, choose a protection method and work on the funko pops individually.

2. Box Your Funko Pop(s)

Put the now bubble-wrapped funko pop(s) in the main shipping box.

If you send several funko pops, stack them side by side in the main shipping box.

If there are any voids left, go in with more bubble wrap.

To determine if the funko pops are intact in the shipping box, attempt to close it but do not seal it at this point and shake it a bit.

Add bubble wrap if you feel any movement until you can’t feel anything shift.

3. Close and Seal the Shipping Box

Once you determine that the funko pop(s) fit appropriately in the shipping box, close and seal it, pass the tape twice when sealing, and to firmly secure the top and bottom flaps and seams, use an “H” sealing method.

4. Label Your Package

You will need to provide the shipping company with your shipment details, including your address and the recipients.

You can add a fragile sticker on your shipping as a bonus.

It is a way to ensure that the package handlers handle it more carefully.

I like having two labels on my shipping box’s longest sides.

After labeling, place tape over your label to prevent the details from smearing.
Taping also secures printed labels better.

5. You’re Ready to Go

Now your package is secure and ready to go.

Either drop it at the mailing station or wait for it to be picked up by the post person if you have scheduled pick up.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Funko Pops?

With your package ready, how much do you need to facilitate shipment?

The shipping costs for funko pops vary based on different factors.

Shipping companies or courier services will price them depending on the weight or size of the package, the service to be used when shipping, and its destination.

One funko pop will cost you about $4, and more funko pops will attract a higher charge since the weight and size increase.

You will pay less for small and lighter packages.

If you ship your funko pop(s) internationally, you will spend more money than a domestic shipment.

Unlike domestic shipments, international shipments are subject to import duties and customs charges.

If you go for the express service of any shipping company, you will be charged more than if you use the standard service.

Suppose you insure funko pops, especially those worth more money, and your shipping costs increase.

Ideally, domestic and international funko pop shipping should take 2-5 days.

The Cheapest Way to Ship Funko Pops

To minimize the costs of shipping funko pops, go for USPS services but use the Pirate Ship shipping software to create the postage and obtain the labels.

USPS generally has reasonable rates, but the rates are even lower if you use a Pirate Ship.

You will need to go to the Pirate Ship website and set up an account.

Log in and create your label by providing the shipping address and package details (dimensions and weight).

You should see several options from the “Get Rates” tab to decide which is best for you.

Final Thoughts

Funko pops make excellent collectibles for fans of pop culture, games, accessories, apparel, action figures, and more.

That is why many collectors ship them from time to time.

Funko pops are valued differently, and some may be very expensive.

If you want to send them to someone, you will have to pack them properly to ensure they get to the recipient in good shape and without damage.

This guide will help you minimize possible damage during shipping.

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