How to Ship Lipstick Without Melting- The Guide You can Rely on

How to ship lipstick without melting- wrap the lipsticks in packaging paper and put them in small poly bags. Put them in a cold insulating pouch/envelope, then in a cushioned shipping box, and get a shipping company.

Lipsticks make up some of the most common makeup shipments.

They are easy to ship, provided you pack them properly.

However, most people fear their lipsticks may melt during shipping, especially if they are in transit at high temperatures.

If you fall under this category, this post is for you.

You will get a practical guide, valuable tips about how to ship lipstick without melting, and a shipping solution you can use.

Table of Contents

What You Need to Prepare

  • The lipstick you wish to ship
  • Small poly bags to put the lipstick in
  • Packaging paper to wrap the lipsticks. Do not use bubble wrap since it prevents the lipstick(s) from breathing, and they may “sweat.”
  • Cold gel packs to keep the shipping temperatures low. Do not use dry ice because it will freeze the lipstick and may alter its consistency.
  • An insulating pouch/envelope to prevent cold loss during transportation
  • A shipping box
  • Cellulose paper wadding to absorb any liquid leaks and for extra cushioning
  • Packaging tape for sealing your contents
  • A package label with the necessary details of your shipment and recipient. You can use a heavy black marker to label or use printed labels.
  • Money to take care of shipping fees and any extra charges

How to Pack Lipsticks

In this guide, you will learn how to ship lip sticks safely and efficiently, like a pro. By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

1. Secure Your Lipsticks

Start by wrapping each lipstick individually.

First, surround the packaging paper and put it in individual poly bags.

Covering the lipsticks this way protects each one individually.
During this step, aim to have two or more layers of packaging paper on each lipstick for sufficient cushioning.

Your wrapping should not be too tight.

2. Prepare the Insulating Pouch/Envelope and Arrange the Lipsticks

Put the cold gel pack(s) inside the insulating pouch/envelope and arrange your lipsticks neatly.

It doesn’t matter how you place your gel packs; the idea is to have the lipsticks sandwiched between them.
Seal the insulating pouch/envelope with the packaging tape sufficiently but not too tightly.

3. Put the Contents in the Shipping Box

Line the shipping box’s bottom and sides with cellulose paper wadding, then go ahead and put the sealed insulating pouch/envelope inside.

Now cover the top part, which is still not lined.
The cellulose wadding will act as extra cushioning and, at the same time, absorb any liquid leak from the gel packs.

4. Seal the Shipping Box

Seal your shipping box with an “H” sealing method since it secures the flaps, seams adequately, and passes the tape twice.

5. Label Your Package

What you must do here is label the package prominently and visibly for the handlers.

Provide all the necessary details of the recipient and include a return address.

Having two of the longest sides of your package label is always better.
Since the label details may smear while the package is in transit, place some packaging tape over them.

It is also a measure against the possible loss of printed labels.
You can place a fragile sticker on your package and indicate that it shouldn’t expose the contents to extreme heat or sunlight.

6. You’re Ready to Go

Your lipsticks are ready to go, so get them to the shipping service of your choice.

You can either drop off your package or wait for pick up.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Lipsticks?

If you compare different shipping companies, you will see that their rates for lipstick shipping vary.

Most of them determine the rates based on the weight and size of your package, its destination, and the specific service you intend to use.

Prepare about $5-$40 and have an allowance for more.

If your package is very large or heavy, you will have to pay more than if it is small and light.

Suppose you want to send your lipstick to an international destination; you will be charged more than when sending it domestically.

International shipments are subject to import taxes or duties.

If you choose an express service over a standard service, your cost will also be higher.

Insurance fees will apply if you insure your shipment and add to your shipping costs.

Ideally, shipping lipstick domestically or internationally should take 1-5 days.

The Cheapest Way to Ship Lipsticks

You will want to go with USPS for cheap lipstick shipping.

It is an excellent choice for such small or light packages.

You will have to get USPS postage to enable your shipment.

You can obtain the postage via Pirate Ship, and the process is free online.

If you want urgent delivery, use USPS Priority Express Mail.

You can also go for the Priority Mail option, which is cheaper than the express service.

Both options are ideal for packages weighing more than a pound.

If you choose any of these options, you will have to use a shipping label by USPS, but then you get a free shipping box.

If your package is small enough to qualify for a small package flat rate, say less than a pound, go for this service.

The price will be constant irrespective of the distance to be covered.

With Pirate Ship, you can access significant discounts for various USPS services.

Final Thoughts

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Nevertheless, senders must ship the syrup right.

I hope this guide has helped you enough if you need to send elderberry syrup and don’t know where to start.

If you have had any problems with your shipments, I hope it has provided you with practical tips for better shipping.

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