How To Ship Posters


How To Ship Posters We will discuss how to properly package posters as well as how to locate the most cost-effective shipping choices, regardless of whether you are just beginning to sell posters or are already in the process of selling them.

Can You Ship Posters with Media Mail?

Can Posters Be Sent Via the Media Mail Service? Yes. As long as the posters contain instructive information, they are considered to be part of the Printed Educational Reference materials.

How to Ship a Rolled Poster

It is sufficient to set the poster flat on the kraft paper and then to roll up the paper while the poster is still inside. After the poster has been encased in the kraft paper and secured within, the kraft paper’s edge can be taped to further reinforce the enclosure of the poster. Be careful not to roll the poster up too tightly, since doing so may result in the poster becoming permanently damaged.

How To Ship Posters

How to Properly Package a Rolled Poster

It is sufficient to place the poster in a flat position on the kraft paper and then roll up the paper while it is still containing the poster inside. Taping the edge of the kraft paper can further reinforce the enclosure of the poster after it has been encased in the kraft paper and fastened within. This can be done after the poster has been encased in the kraft paper. Take care not to roll the poster up too tightly, since doing so could cause the poster to become irreparably ruined.

How to Ship Framed Posters

Because they cannot be rolled, shipping posters that are framed is different from shipping unframed posters. Framing artwork increases the risk that the artwork will be damaged in shipping, especially if the artwork is delivered without the glass being removed from the frame.

If you are unable to remove the glass and ship it in a separate container, you should take additional precautions when packing your posters. It is advised that you ship the glass in a separate container. If the frame is larger than 36 inches by 36 inches, then you should make it.

  • Butter paper / Glassine paper / acid-free archival tissue paper.
  • Plastic sheeting / poly wrap / heavy plastic bag.
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Foam board at least ½” thick / two-ply cardboard.
  • Packing tape.
  • Cardboard to wrap the package in.

The Cheapest Way to Ship Posters

The size of your poster and an awareness of how you intend to package and ship it are the first steps in determining which mailing method will cost you the least. This will have an effect on the prices. The majority of the time, having them rolled up and shipped in a tube will be the most cost-effective method. If you send them framed, they will be a larger size, and the cost will probably be determined by a different scale.

Consider, for the sake of illustration, a poster with dimensions of 18 by 24 inches and a weight of one pound that will be sent from Brooklyn to Los Angeles and then from Brooklyn to Hong Kong. Let’s utilise a packaging that is 38 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches. This is a tube of a standard size that is supplied by the major shipping companies.

Send Your Posters Through Easyship

If you are able to properly package the posters and shop around for the most affordable shipping rates, transporting posters need not be a difficult task. Easyship can help you save up to 89% on shipping costs while also providing clear dynamic prices at checkout for your consumers. If you are an eCommerce merchant who is just beginning to sell posters or are adding them to your inventory, Easyship may assist you.

If you are looking to develop your business, the warehouse fulfilment partners that we work with can provide skilled packaging services for even the most delicate and delicate commodities. They are able to wrap your poster using the appropriate packaging materials, which will safeguard your artwork against any kind of damage that may occur while it is in transit.


Imagine yourself as a little child and try to conjure up an image of your bedroom. You didn’t have any posters on the wall, did you? There is a good chance that you answered “yes!” It is a time-honored custom for children all around the world to affix posters to the walls of their bedrooms; but, in today’s society, this activity is not limited to children. There are a lot of fans and people who collect memorabilia who still purchase posters, which indicates that there is a significant market for people who sell things online…

This also indicates that there are a significant number of people that ship posters. You have arrived at the proper location if you count yourself as one of them and are searching for some direction in this endeavour.