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How to Ship RAM To Arrive in The Best Condition

How to ship RAM- secure the RAM properly to prevent electrostatic discharge and put it in a bubble envelope or a small cushioned shipping box. Close, seal, and label the package, then get it to a dependable shipping company or courier service.

RAM is an essential part of a computer system for storage.

You may need to transfer computer RAM for various reasons.

RAM is made of fragile chips; if you want to ship it, you must package it right.

This article will give you more details on how to ship RAM, practical tips, and a cheap shipping solution.

Table of Contents

What You Need to Prepare

How to Pack RAM

In this guide, you will learn how to ship RAM safely and efficiently, like a pro. By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

1. Protect the RAM sticks

If you have the original packaging, the RAM came in; put it in there the way it came, seal, and skip to step 2.
If you don’t have the packaging, put your RAM stick in the anti-static bag and seal.

The reason for using an anti-static bag is to prevent electrostatic discharge, which can damage the RAM.

Add an adequate layer of bubble wrap on the RAM and seal again.
Note: If you send one or several RAMs, secure them this way. However, when packing several RAMs, protect each in an individual package (anti-static bag or original packaging) to prevent friction during transportation.

2. Put the RAM in a Carrier

With your RAM now correctly secured, you need to put it in a carrier of choice.

Place the RAM inside and seal if you use a bubble envelope.
If you are using a small shipping box, first layer it with packing material (extra bubble wrap or anti-static foam).

Put in your protected RAM sticks and fill any voids with additional packing material.
Make sure the RAM is not moving, then close and seal the box while ensuring that all the seams and flaps are secure.

3. Label Your Package

You have two choices of labeling.

You can use a heavy black marker or use a printed label.

Regardless of the method, ensure the details are legible and include the shipper’s and recipient’s addresses.
You can indicate that the contents are fragile for the handlers to be more careful.

4. You’re Ready to Go

Now your RAM is ready for shipping.

Get it to a shipping company or courier service near you or wait for it to be picked up if you have scheduled pick up.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship RAM?

You will get different price quotes for RAM shipping from various shipping companies.

Usually, the shipping prices depend on the weight/size of your package, the destination you are shipping it to, and the service you intend to use.

The shipping costs can range anywhere from $5 or lower. For more accurate shipping fees, use a shipping or rate calculator.

RAMs are generally lightweight, but you may pack them to end up with a heavier or large package.

The bigger or heavier the shipment, the more the shipping cost.

It is possible to ship RAM to an international destination.

However, you need to know that such shipments will cost you more than domestic/local ones.

Usually, this is because of applicable import duties and customs charges.

The distance to be covered is also longer, affecting the cost.

Different shipping companies or courier services mainly use express or standard services to deliver packages.

If you use a standard service, you will pay less than when you use an express service.

Express services take a shorter time than standard services.

Domestic and international RAM shipments will typically take a day to a week before delivery.

The Cheapest Way to Ship RAM

Shipping RAM is inexpensive, but you may also want to cut costs further.

Usually, the easiest way to achieve that is to use a shipping company and shipping software.

We recommend shipping your RAM via USPS and Pirate Ship as the shipping software.

Generally, USPS offers affordable rates for shipping, but if you use Pirate Ship, the rates are discounted further, and you can save some money on postage and shipping supplies ( labels or boxes).

To use USPS services via Pirate Ship, you must create an account and log in.

After logging in, you must fill in your package details, including size and weight.

Once you have provided the details, use the “Get Rates” tab to gauge which service is best for meeting your needs.

If you use the flat rate option, your shipment’s cost will be the same regardless of the distance.

Final Thoughts

RAMs are assembled electronic components vulnerable to electrostatic discharge and somewhat fragile.

That is why if you want to ship RAM for whatever reason, you must pack it precisely to prevent electrostatic discharge and any other possible damage that may occur while it is in transit.

Using our guide above, you can ship your RAM safely until it reaches its final destination.

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