How to Ship Straw Hats – A Practical Guide and Tips Without Risking Damage It

How to ship straw hats- Arrange the hats and securely protect them with bubble wrap. Layer your shipping box with packing material and place the hats at the center. Add more packing material as needed, close and seal the box and find a shipping company.

Straw hats are a necessity and fashion statement.

These brimmed hats with woven straws or reeds are excellent for anyone who enjoys being outdoors or at the beach.

They can also be fashionable accessories for weddings, especially if embellished.

If you are shipping straw hats, you need to be careful- they can get out of shape if mishandled.

Below is a guide and tips on how to ship straw hats in a pristine state.

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What You Need to Prepare

  • The straw hats you want to ship
  • A sturdy shipping box to house the straw hats- A double-wall box works best since it is more robust and thicker than an ordinary box to provide adequate protection. The box should have an extra allowance to prevent the hats from getting squeezed and give space for packing material
  • Bubble wrap to wrap the hats and for extra protection
  • Packing tissue paper or shredded newsprint for cone stuffing
  • Packing peanuts to use as packing material
  • Packaging tape to use for sealing
  • A package label with crucial shipping details
  • Money to pay for shipping fees and any extra charges

How to Pack Straw Hats

In this guide, you will learn how to ship straw hats safely and efficiently, like a pro. By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

1. Prepare and Secure the Hats

Straw hats may be bendable or foldable, while others may not.
If you are shipping bendable and foldable hats, stack them on one another and adequately wrap them in bubble wrap.

They will retain their shape during transportation.
If your hats are not bendable or foldable and risk cracking, you will need a different approach;

You should stuff each hat’s cone with packing tissue or shredded newsprint to keep their shape and then loosely add bubble wrap to cushion against hard impact.

2. Prepare the Shipping Box and Pack the Hats

Layer the shipping box with the packing peanuts and place the hats in the box.

Add packing peanuts to any voids. If the hats risk breaking, pack each one individually.
Attempt to close the box and shake gently to feel if anything is moving.

However, don’t seal it yet. If you feel any movement, add more packing peanuts until you can’t feel any shifting.

3. Close and Seal the Shipping Box

Now close and seal the shipping box.

Secure the seams and flaps to ensure they remain intact while in transit.

An “H” sealing method is best.

4. Label Your Package

You will need to label your package accordingly for easier identification and handling.

You must include your address and that of the recipient.

If you are using a printed label, place it on the shipping box and pass packaging tape over it to secure it further and prevent the details from smudging.
If the straw hats have material that may crack, you can indicate that the contents are fragile and nothing should be placed on the box.

5. You’re Ready to Go

Now your package is secure and ready for shipping.

You need to take it to a shipping company near you or wait for pick up if you have scheduled one.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Straw Hats?

On average, you should have around $20-$50 for domestic shipments.

Usually, domestic shipments are cheaper than international shipments.

However, the distance will also affect shipping charges.

If it is longer, for example, from one state to another, the cost will be more than if you are shipping the hats to a nearby town.

The cost of shipping straw hats will mainly depend on how heavy the shipping box is or its size, the destination, and the type of shipping service used.

Generally, straw hats are light.

However, if you pack the box such that it is too big or heavy, you will pay more than for smaller and light packages.

If you go for a standard service, you will pay less than if you use an express service.

The charges will go higher if you are shipping your straw hats to an international destination.

That is usually because customs charges and duties are applicable.

Be ready with around $100.

This is not a guaranteed price and may go lower or higher.

International shipments will take about a week or more.

Note: For more accurate domestic and international straw hat shipping charges, you should use a shipping calculator.

The Cheapest Way to Ship Straw Hats

If you want to cut the costs for shipping straw hats, we recommend using a USPS shipping service alongside shipping software.

You can use USPS in conjunction with Pirate Ship.

Pirate Ship is free.

To use Pirate Ship, you will need an account and know your package’s weight and size.

Once you are on the Pirate Ship page, you will fill in several details of your package.

From there, you can obtain postage and print a shipping label.

You should see different USPS services from the “Get Rates” tab.

The charges indicated are usually discounted by default depending on various services or delivery times.

All you have to do is choose a service that works for your local or international shipment.

Pirate ship is best for such packages, and they give cheaper rates for the same than USPS.

Final Thoughts

If you intend to ship straw hats, you must consider their material and overall durability.

No one would want to receive a broken or deformed hat.

With the guide and tips we have provided in this post, you should ship your hats accordingly and safely.

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