Live Crawfish Shipped


Live Crawfish Shipped, which are also called “mudbugs,” are tasty treats that people in the United States and some other countries enjoy. These crustaceans are taken from rivers and swamps. Before being eaten, they are usually boiled and served with vegetables, potatoes, or corn.

Do you ship crawfish alive?

When live crawfish are sent by air freight, like in overnight deliveries, they are packed in insulated seafood shipping boxes. These have gel packs that have been frozen to keep the crabs cool. The boxes are then locked down and put on the plane.

Inexplicably, live crawfish cannot be transported to Illinois.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture made the discovery that live crawfish from Louisiana were not permitted to enter the state as soon as the first shipment of these crawfish had left Louisiana and was on its way to Illinois. because of the danger posed by aquatic species that spread quickly. The division will carry on with the inquiry, and if anyone has any questions or concerns, customer service is available to assist them.

How long do live crawfish last after being shipped?

Live crawfish are transported to cold storage. When the item arrives, there may be evidence that the crawfish were sent to the incorrect address. A consumer may have ordered a case of live crawfish but received live lobsters instead. Typically, if a delivery arrives with crabs, they are dead or dying and cannot survive outdoors.

Live Crawfish Shipped

Is it possible to send live crawfish to California?

Crawfish etouffee is a regional specialty of the southeastern United States. The name of the dish is derived from the Louisiana Creole term “crawfish” and the French word “etouffee.” Although it is difficult to find crawfish in California, it is feasible to ship live crawfish to the state in order to prepare crawfish etouffee.

What are the logistics of getting live crawfish delivered to Illinois?

The recent growth in popularity of crawfish boils has led to an increase in interest in the delicacy. The logistics and planning involved in purchasing live crawfish online can be challenging, particularly for Illinois residents. In response to the tremendous demand for crawfish, a local bait company has chosen to investigate the idea of establishing a local online source for live crawfish.

Conclusion : 

People frequently lack the time and energy to prepare crawfish on their own, despite their preference to do so. In states where crawfish are available year-round, you can purchase live crawfish and prepare them yourself. Crawfish are cold-blooded, meaning they are unable to control their body temperature. They also inhabit extremely fresh water. Before capturing crawfish, you must chill the room if the weather is hot.