Packaging For Vinyl Records


Packaging For Vinyl Records Do not place records horizontally across the bottom of the box while packing them; instead, pack them upright. Even though it may seem like a good idea to place them in so that you can read the spine when the box is open, doing so will cause the records falling out of the sleeves as you unpack them. This may seem like a good idea, but it can cause problems afterward. Fill the boxes to the brim (about 80 single albums will fit in a square box).

What’s the best way to Packaging For Vinyl Records?

Use a stiff-walled EZ fold mailer. Another option worth considering is a cut out wrap (COW), provided the interior is sufficiently thin to prevent vinyl records from moving about. Make use of foam sheets or bubble cushions. They will contact the vinyl record while shielding it from knocks and other harm that the environment could cause.

Packaging For Vinyl Records

What is vinyl record packaging called?

I refer the outer layer of a vinyl record to as the record sleeve. Alternative phrases include dust sleeve, LP liner and liner. The term “jacket” is also commonly used to refer to the outermost cardboard covering of a record, also known as a “record jacket” or “album jacket.”

How do you package vinyl for posting?

After you have finished preparing your vinyl record by placing it in a paper sleeve and a cover or by using bubble wrap, the next step is to locate the shipping packaging for it so that I can send it. LP Mailers, which are manufactured expressly for mailing vinyl records, are the most suitable containers for mailing vinyl records. I compose these containers of cardboard.

Should vinyl records be stored upright or flat?

We do not recommend it to store records in a horizontal position. As you are about to discover, archival record boxes are constructed in such a way that allows the records to be stood up and kept in a vertical orientation. When vinyl records are stored horizontally, the records at the bottom of the stack are subjected to an excessive amount of pressure, which can cause damage.

How should records be stored so that they do not become warped?

Keeping your records in the right conditions will keep your vinyl from warping. I recommend it to store them vertically in the sleeves and jackets that were originally provided for them, with the protective poly cover placed over them. It is acceptable to store them horizontally if you do not have the room for vertical storage racks; nevertheless, you should not stack too many of them.

How much do shipping costs often run for vinyl records?

Shipping vinyl albums via USPS Media Mail is by far and away the most cost-effective option. Rates for Media Mail start at slightly more than $3 per shipment, and the service was initially developed to facilitate the shipping of vinyl records (in addition to other items, such as books and printed instructional materials).

How many vinyl records fit in a small Uhaul box?

The answer is yes; you can use our little box to store vinyl LPs. We estimate that each box can hold anywhere from 40 to 60 sleeves, although this number is subject to change based on the size of the sleeves included therein.

Does USPS have record mailers?

When it comes to the transportation of recordings or any other kind of media that is relevant, the USPS Media Mail service is going to be the default option. It’s a better deal than sending the same package by First-Class or Priority Mail, which would be more expensive.


Designed with the top online vinyl vendors. Corrugated kraft cardboard (higher grade than the stiffener inserts required for inferior packaging). Impact-buffer edges and corner protection (vs cruciform mailers). Variable height and ghost creases hold vinyl together. Standard peel-and-seal and tear-strip openings for rapid packing and wasteful void fill. I need no tape because they construct the sealing strip of hot-melt glue. Even our glue is certified plastic free by A Plastic Planet and biodegradable.