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With flat delivery rates that start from as low as $7 and AI-powered logistics, uParcel makes on-demand delivery in Singapore fast, affordable, and efficient. They offer dedicated deals for bulky packages and even door-to-door delivery for items as heavy as 25kg. Offering six special delivery categories and an Uber-style instant booking feature, uParcel can easily be your go-to option for local deliveries within Singapore.

Welcome to the most comprehensive uParcel review you can find online.

We’ve found uParcel among the most reliable services in our research. Their planning, logistics, and overall structure ensure that packages reach their destinations safely and without delay. And that too at pocket-friendly rates!

Today, we’ll go through a breakdown of all they have to offer, their options, and the features you can expect.

Discover below what makes uParcel stand out and which services will suit you best.

Company Overview

uParcel is an on-demand, technology-driven, 24/7 courier service in Singapore. The company made waves in investment news when it raised over SDG 2 million back in November 2021.

With COO and Co-founder Wee Leong Ng at the helm, uParcel is growing in impressive leaps and continues to revolutionize the role of modern technology in a traditional industry.

Services and Prices

To make this an informative uParcel review, here’s a quick overview of the delivery types that uParcel offers and what each category may cost.

1 Hour Rush

The 1 Hour Rush option starts from about $20 for a 1kg package for instant delivery of your package or document. Pickup and delivery both happen in a single designated hour, and you can avail of this service till 11 PM.

Same Day

uParcel’s Same Day delivery usually takes about 6 hours. Prices start from as little as $7.50, with a maximum package weight of 25kg.

2 Way Round Trip

This option allows you to send your package to a destination and return it to the starting point on the same day. It takes about 6 hours on average and starts at $22.

3 HRS Express

The 3 HRS Express is a cross between the 1 Hour Rush and Same Day option. Prices start from about $8.50, with pickup and delivery executed within the designated 3 hours.

Next Day Delivery

If you’re not in a hurry, the Next Day Delivery option costs as little as $8.50, but the maximum weight remains capped at 25kg.

Specific Time Delivery

Suppose your package or document needs to reach its destination at a particular time or hour. In that case, the Specific Time Delivery allows you to specify the time and costs a minimum of $13.

What Features to Expect

Instant Booking

uParcel uses an AI-driven program that connects you to the nearest delivery agent based on GPS. Like you would book an Uber, uParcel allows immediate booking of services based on your location. This feature is accessible as an interface that comes in both a mobile app and a web-based platform.


Dispatching or collecting your package will not be a concern with uParcel. Delivery agents can pick up your package from your doorstep and drop it off at the destination door. However, this feature only applies to packages that weigh 25kg or less. So, you’ll only have access to it in the Same Day, Next Day Delivery, or 2 Way Round Trip options.

Heavy/Bulky Van

For items that weigh more than your average packages, uParcel offers dedicated vans to carry these loads. Their Half Van Load option allows you to send items that weigh 50kg or less. The 1.7m Van can carry 350kg for heavier loads, and the 2.4m Van can haul up to 500kg.

These Van services can deliver in as little as 3 hrs, and you can specify the exact time you want the parcel to arrive at its destination.

Lorry Services

For delivering multiple items with high total weight, uParcel’s Lorry services come to the rescue. Their 10ft Lorry can transport as much as 700kgs. And you can choose between open or covered Lorries depending on the nature of the goods.

You can also choose between the tailgate and covered 14ft Lorry options. These vehicles can carry up to 900kgs. So, if you’re moving to a new house, you can have all your belongings transported in less than 3 hours, spending below $200.

Also, deliveries with multiple packages or cartons can enjoy discounts of up to 60%.

Corporate Account and Fixed Fleets

For businesses that require recurring and high-volume deliveries, uParcel offers a corporate account. You’ll need to execute at least 10 deliveries every month and incur a $10 charge as admin fees. You get reliable and regular delivery of all your packages and shipments.

Billing for the Corporate account comes in monthly invoices, which frees you up from the hassles of individual payments. Ecommerce platforms and local businesses can all benefit from this plan.

You can also designate a regular team of delivery agents as your ongoing fleet. This way, you know who precisely handles your packages.

Advanced Tracking

uParcel’s mobile app offers real-time, accurate tracking of all your packages and deliveries. Once delivered, you’ll get notifications confirming the arrival in both your email and app. This will include the signature and identity of the recipient.

Most uParcel reviews praise their digital tracking and advanced delivery update feature online.

Social Proof

Feedback platforms and review sites are sprinkled with compliments as far as uParcel reviews go. As I perused through the endless list of customer reviews online, it was clear that uParcel’s performance has wowed customers of all types.

In just a few months, the mobile app has garnered over 50,000 downloads on the Play Store, and over half of its ratings on the Apple store are 5-star reviews.

Here are a few examples of how customers and drivers have left rave uParcel reviews.

Honestly, it’s better than the OTHER driver app for SG. Customer / Driver support replied at 10 pm. I drove for SOME OTHER app before and I had to do my SHN and I was freaking out till 10 in the morning because I could not cancel my orders. This app is much better. I’ve only done 1 day and I love it.
Shaun Paul Singh


There’s no doubt that uParcel continues to change the landscape of the delivery industry. There are few uParcel reviews out there that would disagree that it’s one of the most popular services available, thanks to advanced tracking mechanisms, dedicated corporate benefits, and a variety of fast and reliable delivery options.

Check out uParcel’s website for easy access to updated prices. Alternatively, take a look at this comprehensive list of the best courier services in Singapore if you want to explore other options.

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