How to Ship a CPU Like a Pro – Discover Effective Ways and Tips

How to ship a CPU- Secure the CPU properly while preventing static build-up and put it in a bubble envelope or a small box. Close and seal the carrier, label it accordingly, and get the package to the shipping company.

If you want to ship a CPU to someone or somewhere, you need to pack it right since it is delicate.

But how do you send a CPU for it to arrive safely?

If you don’t know, this article has detailed steps and safety tips you can use on how to ship a CPU and provides an affordable way to do it.

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What You Need to Prepare

  • The CPU to be shipped
  • The original CPU box (if available)
  • Material to protect the CPU- you can use an anti-static plastic bag, cardboard, Styrofoam, or aluminum foil (find more details for each option in step 1). Do not use a cloth, paper, polythene, or plastic bag
  • Bubble wrap for extra protection
  • A carrier to house the secured CPU- you can use a packing envelope or a sturdy shipping box
  • A package label for your shipping box
  • Packaging tape for sealing
  • Money to pay for the shipping charges and any other extra costs

How to Pack CPU

In this guide, you will learn how to ship CPU safely and efficiently, like a pro. By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

1. Secure the CPU

The best way to ship a CPU would be in its original box.

You need to put it in the box the way it came and seal it.
If you don’t have the original box or it is damaged, you can use different approaches depending on whether your CPU has pads or pins as follows;
Anti-static bag method (safest)- Cut the anti-static bag so it fits the CPU properly, put the CPU inside, and then add a layer of bubble wrap. To ensure the bubble wrap stays in place while the CPU is in transit, seal it with some of the packaging tapes.
Cardboard method- Find a cardboard piece and cut it in the shape of the CPU. Put the CPU inside the cardboard and seal the box. Using this method, you must carefully cut out the right shape and secure the cardboard properly.
The foam method- If you are using Styrofoam, cut the foam in the shape of the CPU such that it is a perfect fit, place the CPU in it, and bubble wrap it.
Aluminum foil method– Loosely wrap the CPU adequately with aluminum foil and bubble wrap it further.
Note: Whichever method you choose, make the enclosure tight so the CPU does not bump while in transit. Huge empty spaces can make the CPU move a lot during transit damaging it, so when cutting, cut perfect sizes. If the CPU has pins, make sure the method used has the pins poking through and does not risk them bending.

2. Put the Secured CPU in the Main Carrier

Depending on what you feel works best, you can put the secured CPU in a small shipping box or a bubble envelope.

If you use a box, fill any spaces with extra bubble wrap for cushioning.
After that, close and seal the carrier.

3. Label Your Package

The shipping company will want your shipment details, which should be on the package label.

Make sure to include your address details and those of the recipient.
Since a CPU is fragile and can be damaged by heat, indicate “Keep Away From Heat” on the label and add a “Fragile” sticker.

This way, the handlers will be more careful with the package.

4. You’re Ready to Go

At this point, your CPU is packed securely and ready for shipping.

If the post person is picking it up, wait for them, or you can drop off the CPU at the shipping company station.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship CPU?

The shipping costs of a CPU will vary among different shipping companies.

However, most companies consider the main factors as the weight/size of the shipment, its destination, and the service used for the shipment.

You should be ready for one CPU for around $20-$50.

Even though CPUs are not heavy, those shipping several pieces will pay more than those shipping a few parts since the package weight and size increase.

International CPU deliveries may be subject to import duties or customs charges, costing you more than domestic or local deliveries.

Express shipping services take a shorter time than standard services, so you pay more for them. If you insure your package, you will pay more than if it is not insured.

Whether you are shipping your CPU internationally or domestically, the delivery may take a day to a week.

The Cheapest Way to Ship CPU

If you want to reduce the shipping costs of a CPU shipment, go for UPS but use its services on Pirate Ship.

Pirate Ship is a free shipping software that offers UPS shipping services at discounted prices.

To use Pirate Ship, you must first create an account and log in.

You will fill in the required shipment details to obtain your label and postage.

All these are evident on the official page.

Once everything is filled, you should be able to select a suitable and affordable UPS shipping service on the “Get Rates” tab.

These rates are discounted by default, and they have no markup of hidden fees.

Final Thoughts

CPU shipping requires you to pack the CPU properly to avoid damage or bending pins if available.

You need the proper packaging materials to protect the CPU since it is very delicate.

If you didn’t know the best tactics to ship a CPU securely, now you do even without the original CPU box.

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