How to Ship a Box of Shoes

For sellers or individuals, the key to footwear success starts with how to ship a box of shoes safely! If you are sending a beautiful pair away, your recipient needs to receive them in glam condition. 

With multiple shipping carriers and packaging methods, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The packaging is not that difficult! Carefully wrap each shoe separately before boxing up to avoid scuffs.

There are options like flat-rate shipping boxes for easy shipping. From crumple-proof boxes to pick-up points, follow our tips to become an expert in footwear!

Let’s discuss the packaging first.

Packaging Material

  1. Cardboard box/Flat-rate box
  2. Plastic sheets
  3. Packing tape
  4. Printed Label (optional)

Select a Box First

You cannot ship shoes in their original box. You must add another box to avoid opening your shoes up while transporting. 

Step 1 on How to Ship a Box of Shoes

If you have the original box, look for a second more giant, sturdy cardboard box. Check on Amazon for a box that matches your shoe size. You can also make custom shoe boxes by yourself.

Here are some tips for selecting a good shipping box for shoes:

  1. Choose a sturdy corrugated cardboard box with an ECT (Edge Crush Test) rating of 42 or higher.
  2. Make sure the box is slightly larger than the shoes to allow padding around the shoes for protection. Measure your shoes and add 2-3 inches of space on each side for packing materials.
  3. The box should be deep enough to pack shoes vertically rather than stacked horizontally, which can cause damage.
  4. One box per pair of shoes is safest for preventing scuffs or compression damage in transit. Don’t overload.
  5. Opt for shoe box-shaped mailers from shipping providers if sending one pair. These have built-in supports to hold shoe shapes intact when stuffed appropriately.
  6. Use an old shoe box if it is in good, sturdy shape. Wrap the exterior in paper or use a poly mailer to reinforce it.

USPS Flat-rate Box

Step 2 on How to Ship a Box of Shoes

USPS flat-rate boxes are both suitable and cost-effective options for shipping. They have priority mail shoe box perfect for standard-size shoes. You can also customize their other boxes according to your shoe sizes.

Check this video to learn how to customize flat-rate shoe boxes according to your shoe size.

Packing the Shoes

Step 3 on How to Ship a Box of Shoes

Here are some tips for packing your shoe box.

  1. Wrap each shoe individually in plastic papper for primary protection. Make sure all shoe parts like heels or embellishments are covered.
  2. Pad out the bottom of the shipping box with 2-3 inches of packing paper. This is for cushioning in case the box is dropped.
  3. Gently place wrapped shoes inside box side-by-side or heel-to-toe. Arrange them so they don’t shift around.
  4. Use added packing materials like crumpled paper or bubble puffs to fill in spaces. Leave no space empty inside the box.
  5. Close shoe flaps if sending in original brand boxes and secure with clear packing tape to keep box tightly closed.
  6. Seal the outer shipping box well on all sides and seams using 2-3″ wide clear packaging tape. Reinforce corners.
  7. Add a shipping label that contains the recipient’s details and a return address.

Those steps create a protective barrier that keeps special footwear safe and scratch-free until they amazingly appear on the lucky recipient’s doorstep!

Shipping Options

Step 4 on How to Ship a Box of Shoes

USPS Priority Mail 

USPS Priority boxes are free to order. It is popular for shipping light to medium-weight shoes around the U.S. Expect delivery in 2-3 days from $8-$12 on average. Sturdy branded shoe box mailers are also available, as mentioned above.

FedEx Ground/Home Delivery

For domestic shoe shipments under 150 lbs, FedEx Ground offers cost-effective ground transport, typically in 3-5 business days. Starts around $9 for light shoeboxes and provides tracking.

UPS Ground

UPS Ground shipping won’t break the bank for lighter shoe packages and gets the job done with tracking in 4-6 days. Around $10 to start for commercial or discounted rates.

FedEx Express/UPS Air

For urgent shoe shipments, 2-day air services provide fast shipping within the U.S. Expect costs around $25+ depending on box weight/distance.

International Shipping 

For global shoe sales, use USPS Priority International as the most budget option. Private couriers like DHL Express and FedEx Int. Economy also transport worldwide effectively.

Before choosing a shipping service, consult carrier pricing grids to identify current service fees. Get tips from savvy shoe sellers on which choice best suits your footwear operation!

Cheapest Way to Ship Box of Shoes

The cheapest way to ship a box of shoes domestically is typically through USPS Retail Ground. Here are some tips:

Step 5 on How to Ship a Box of Shoes

USPS Retail Ground

  • Ideal for heavy shoe boxes between 1-70 lbs
  • No preset box sizes – use your own box and packing materials
  • Transit time is 4-8 business days
  • Lowest cost starts around $7-$11 for lighter shoeboxes
  • Rates based on exact weight and destination zone

Tips to Save:

  • Compare Retail Ground to Priority Mail rates – Priority is faster if shoes are under 2 lbs and shipping long distance
  • Weigh box accurately – rounding up significantly increases price
  • Use free USPS shoebox priority mail supplies if shipping priority under 1 lb
  • Register for a business account with USPS to save ~40% on Commercial pricing
  • Also consider FedEx SmartPost for low-cost ground delivery by offloading packages to USPS at end. Regional parcel carrier OnTrac can also be very affordable in Western states.

Remember! The lighter the shoes, the cheaper it will be to ship across any carrier service! Size down the box and materials to only what’s needed.

NB: Shipping services keep updating their prices. Always check shipping rates before dealing.

Concluding Words

Whether you just sold shoes from your online shop or are gifting one pair to your faraway bestie, shipping is an important step. From selecting the box to dropping the package off, the key is taking precautions at every step.

Now savvier than ever, you can confidently pack shoe parcels to have them arrive in showstopping shape. We’ve equipped you with insider tricks on tightly tucking shoes for tidy in-transit travels. 

With cushioning, address labels in place, and reinforced tape, it barely contains your excitement. You’ll find shipping shoes to be a walk in the park. 

Happy Stepping!

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