How To Ship A Matress


How To Ship A Matress , using many layers of bubble wrap or packing foam, carefully encase your bed and box spring. The next step, which is an additional measure of safety, is to place it within a protective mattress case. The covers are often made of cotton or vinyl, and they attach using a zipper, just like a standard mattress topper.

How to Package and Ship a Mattress

UPS provides a shipping service for mattresses. You are the one who is responsible for wrapping the mattress and packaging it into a box that is the appropriate size. After that, you can call your local UPS to arrange for pickup. They will pick up the mattress from your front door and transport it to the location you specify.

The Cost of Shipping an Ups Mattress

The following is a list of the prices that can be paid to ship your mattress using UPS Next Day Air: $779.41 The cost of UPS Two-Day Air is $563.76. Price using UPS Ground: $166.64

How to Send a Mattress Through FedEx

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The Most Cost-Effective Way To Ship A Mattress

It is clear that shipping a mattress with USPS Retail Ground is the most cost-effective option. This service has a range of 2 to 9 business days, and it costs $150.35 total. Priority Mail Express 1-Day, on the other hand, can deliver your package to its destination in a flash if you require an accelerated shipping option.

Instructions for Sending a Mattress to a Different State

It is possible to move mattresses using a variety of methods, ranging from hiring professional movers to doing it yourself. Do not attempt to lift heavy objects down a flight of steps without the assistance of a friend; doing so will make the task much simpler and safer.

What You Need To Know About Shipping A Mattress Abroad

When it comes to mattress shipment over international borders, the possibility of damage is relatively low. However, unless the service of Van Delivery was ordered, the courier will not accept an unpacked mattress. Therefore, we strongly advise properly wrapping and safeguarding the mattress before sending it, not only for hygienic reasons but also because the courier will not accept an unpacked mattress.

Should You Spend The Money To Ship A Mattress?

When shipping a mattress, most individuals may anticipate spending at least $300 out of pocket. It is imperative that you remember to account in the expenses of shipping materials such as boxes and bubble wrap, in addition to the costs of shipping insurance.

Mattress Shipping Box

Mattresses in a box are just as durable as ordinary mattresses. Memory foam, gel foam, and latex are just some of the ingredients that go into their construction. Even mattresses with innersprings can be rolled up and placed in a box for shipping. They are an excellent option for anyone who is looking to save money on a mattress while still receiving convenient delivery.


It is not difficult to transport a mattress if adequate preparation is made and assistance is sought. Think long and hard about whether or not you want to move your mattress to your new house. If your existing mattress is the source of your aches and pains, it may be in your best financial interest to make the investment in a new mattress.Your quality of sleep will also be enhanced as a result of this. When you move into a new house, it’s an exciting time in your life. However, you shouldn’t let the stress of packing and moving keep you from taking advantage of this new chapter in your life.