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Easy-to-use Guide of Postage Meters for Small Businesses

The postage meter is a semi-automatic device that is designed to keep a record of the posted mail. Startups usually have to face a very common problem focusing on keeping physical evidence of the postage and this is what a postage meter helps to fasten up.

They might not come in a very handy size but they can surely be operated very easily. Posted meters can be found both mechanical and non-mechanical so one has to choose his franking machine according to his choice and need.

Postage meters show the exact amount of data needed that help the user gain knowledge about the emails, the posted ones, and so on. This technology not only saves your time but also ensures a better security system. Not to mention postage meters require a lesser amount of money compared to hand-to-hand delivery.

And after all of that brief, let’s get to know more about the postage meters for small businesses!

What is a Postage Meter?

Postage Metres For Small Business

Postage meters, also known as franking machines are basically a device that comes with a multi-functional mechanism that shows the postage data clearly and outputs the printed handouts. They were specially created after the hand-to-hand delivery system was considered as a very costly choice. After the criticism, users came up with the idea of USPS postage meters; the mostly hyped mailing system in recent times. Mailing systems that include tracking the posted ones along with physical evidence of each, have made the work a lot easier for both users and consumers. Surely, it can be a great choice for startups or small businesses.

Why do Small Businesses Need Postage Meters

Postage meters are a very non-traditional way of mailing but they are surely better than the other systems so far. Small businesses need them because:

  • Postage meters show the exact data of postal mail and unsuccessful mail. It is a special feature that most other systems cannot ensure.
  • The tracking system can be operated thoroughly by your mobile phone, thanks to the high-end technology.
  • Franking machines can do their job within a very fair amount of time, which results in more benefits in a short time. It can count the postal letters per minute passing rate. That is all one would ask for right?
  • They also have the printing feature which gives the chance to get instant handouts of the collected data. This also takes no time to print out and collect adequate data.
  • This device comes with very easy usage. It is also cost-efficient; exciting the new startups to give this machine a try.

Postage meters are not even very problematic to issue. All of these are green flags for the customers which is why the device is hyping up the market greatly in recent times.

Why are Postage Meters Easier to Use

First of all, postage meters are issued from the country portal office, so you do not have to spend hours on the internet looking for a good brand or asking people about their post-using experience. In past times, workers used to deliver mail door to door which surely would finish their job but leave them all with no particular data or result. That caused a bit of difficulty in operating their overall job.

But now that we have postage meters, we do not have to worry about all that. Postage meters are more effective and a very thoughtful idea to make the mailing journey easier. Users do not have to face as much hassle as before now. One of the reasons is, that postage meters can be operated through mobile phones and electronic devices. So much work in one tap. What else can we ask for?

Different Types of Postage Meters

One of the most successful suppliers of postage meters is Pitney Bowes. At the very beginning of the “postage meter” journey, people mostly used mechanical meters. They were basically letterpress meters that had to be taken to the office physically. In recent times, we have been using only two types of postage meters the digital one and the internet and stamp-based ones.

Digital Meters

Digital meters are some of the most commonly known and used meters. They come in various sizes and shapes according to customers’ preferences. A thing about the digital print postage meters is, that the postage here is generally added through the internet to the machine. The machines are used to send out mail and packages without actually going to the office.

Internet and Stamp-based Meters

Internet and stamp-based meters are another type of fairly hyped postage meters. Users from the websites are most likely to go with internet and stamp-based meters as they can print their postages from their own printers here. These meters are mostly used for returning online purchases and other applications like those.

Both digital and internet and stamp-based meters are considered great choices for business purposes. However, users mostly choose digital meters for their businesses.

User Guide (Step by Step)

So before using the actual machine, you should know about the proper using method so that you can properly utilize both your time and investment. There are three counters and a keyboard to input the postage. The first counter is to show the balance remaining. The second one is to show the total amount of postage and the third one is for the prints and statistics.

  1. Preparation: Firstly, the mail should be created properly. The inputs are done manually through the keyboard. Unless the machine calculates the consignment by itself. 
  2. Postage Values: Some postage meters come with integrated weighing scales. In that case the machine can determine the postage value automatically. You do not even have to worry about the changing rates.
  3. Customization: in some postage devices, you can customize texts. This feature is used by many businesses to promote their jobs.  A perfect customization setup always ensures a great starting.
  4. Printing: The inputs are run automatically through an aperture by which the letters get printed. Then the consignment reaches the “postmark up” collect pan. If you want your consignment thicker, you can always switch to the peelable postage strips. The peelable postage strips are inserted manually into the machine. The machine has a significant entry for the peelable postage strips.
  5. Envelopment: Glue-based envelopes are not very trendy anymore. Postage meters that support automatic sealing can be a great choice. In that case, the machine automatically moistens the glue, creates a fold, and seals the envelopes.
  6. Checking the Funds: Now when the imprinting is done, you should always check your funds. This step is to just ensure that you have enough balance to start a new batch or not.

This is how the whole process is done correctly in the postage meter. But even after all that, if you face any further troubleshooting, you can always switch off the whole thing and pull the paper out until it becomes all free. After all, it can still get jammed in rare cases as all machines do.

Final Words

Even after all of that troubleshooting, postage meters are surely on the edge with all of the good sides. It is cost-efficient and takes a short period only. The mailing journey has never been so easy before this invention. A proper user manual and a good knowledge about the whole thing can be beneficial. And that is why, postage meters are a worthy choice for small businesses.

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