How to Ship a CPU Cooler – A Geek Squad’s Guide to Shipping a CPU Cooler

How to ship a CPU cooler – measure the package, place the CPU cooler wrapped in bubble wrap in a small box, then place it in a bigger box and seal it with protective material, pin the delivery details on the package, keep it in place with tape, and then send it to a courier.

Yes, building a PC can be cheaper – you need to know how to cut costs.

And yes, it takes a couple of hours, but once you have everything you need, building your pc offers a reward that buying off a flagship model can’t match.

Once you figure out how to ship a CPU cooler, you are one step closer to making this work.

The premise: a gaming warrior with about an hour to spare can transform a lagging PC into a relentless machine.

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What You Need to Prepare

  • The CPU cooler ready for shipping
  • Measuring tools to measure the dimensions of the CPU cooler
  • Bubble wrap or polystyrene peanuts for protection
  • A small box to use as your primary packaging – you can use a small box that fits the CPU cooler just right, leaving room for a bit of protection.
  • A bigger box to use as your secondary packaging – this one should be big enough to house the primary packaging wrapped around with bubble wrap to secure it.
  • Packaging tape to seal the package.
  • A package label – you can create a document for printing or if you have a marker pen, write the details of the sender and recipient
  • A shipping fees

How to Pack CPU Cooler

In this guide, you will learn how to ship CPU coolers safely and efficiently, like a pro. By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

1. Determine the CPU Cooler Dimensions

Before you send your parcel for shipping, ensure it meets the shipping guidelines on size.

You should measure the CPU cooler’s length, width, and depth.

These figures will tell you exactly the kind of box you need to ship the CPU.

2. Create the First Shipping Box for the CPU Cooler

For safety reasons, you might want to get a small box to secure the CPU cooler.

This computer component is usually delicate and susceptible to dust or other particles.

Pro tip: the original box works best.

3. Secure the CPU Cooler before Packing

This is your primary packaging.

You will need as much protection as possible because this will directly contact the CPU cooler.

For this, get some bubble wrap, and cover the box as much as possible.

The wrapping should be thick enough to suppress any damages that may result from mishandling.

4. Box the Secured CPU Cooler

Get a bigger box and put some protective packaging to protect the primary packaging.

This step is crucial since you are handling something lightweight.

You can use many types of protective packaging – bubble wrap and polystyrene peanuts are popular choices.

5. Label Your Package

Ensure your package’s label highlights the sender’s name and address and the receiver’s details.

Just in case, print at least two copies and pin them on the outer and inner boxes.

Remember: the postal barcode should be seen, and try as much as possible to avoid wrinkles here.

6. You’re Ready to Go

Keep in mind that packaging is just as important as the package itself.

So, ensure you have the proper packaging and postal details on the parcel before releasing it for delivery.

Once you have checked off everything on the packaging checklist, leave it on your porch for the mailman to pick up or take it to the nearest mailing station.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship CPU Coolers?

It is not enough to guess how much it costs to ship a CPU cooler, and hope you will get the best deal.

You will need to get all the key determinants right, which is the key part to identifying the pricing bracket shipping a CPU cooler falls under.

Still, never forsake carrying extra cash for shipping – just in case.

If you are shipping it domestically through larger parcel courier services, the shipping costs depend on how much convenience you want.

You can opt for overnight shipping (which comes at a premium) or delivery between two to five business days at a fair fee.

The cost of delivering your CPU cooler to its destination depends on its size, weight, and destination is a no-brainer.

But typically, the size of the standard CPU cooler, plus that of the primary and secondary packaging, should ideally not fall beyond the $3 to $25 shipping fees.

Of course, premium features come with a hefty price tag, so you can double your shipping budget if you think of express shipping.

That’s an estimate for domestic shipping in the US; international shipping can cost as much as express shipping and add two to six more days to the delivery date. 

The Cheapest Way to Ship CPU Coolers

This is it – what you have been waiting for: in the past, finding the best way to ship anything cheaply has been translated as using the slowest services available.

But the thing is, reliable shipping at a fraction of the standard cost and cost-cutting maneuvers are everywhere – you need to know which ones to take.

It is also important to consider the time of the year.

Demand can be a double-edged sword, so when you get a good deal during off-peak seasons, shipping during holidays such as Christmas can cost an arm and leg.

As much as you can, try shopping for cheap shipping deals as early as possible.

Nowadays, there is a search engine for finding cheap deals everywhere. For shipping, pirate ship scans through the loopholes to find the best deals.

Since there is no label charge – that’s more cost-cutting for you.

If you ship through a pirate ship directly, you can deliver your package at a fraction of the typical cost.

It is straightforward, choose the “box or rigid packaging” tab and input the package dimensions.

How much it costs to ship a CPU cooler depends on several variables, but the cheapest option is USPS priority mail.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading your PC now and then with new components and supercharged capabilities can make your rig feel like it’s running on grenade power.

It feels too raw when you have added a more efficient cooling system.

In a way, you can’t get a deal like this one from your local computer shop.

No, this one is only reserved for the custom-build.

To think it all starts with shipping a CPU cooler.

You will be muscling your PC power to the positive click when this part arrives intact.

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