How to Ship an Xbox Controller

What’s up, gamers! Keeping those high scores popping depends on gear that doesn’t quit – so we need to talk controller care. If you are wondering how to ship an xbox controller, keep reading.

Shipping an Xbox controller requires appropriately packing the device to prevent damage during transit. Key steps should be taken regarding packaging materials, sealing the box, and labeling. 

Lastly, you must pick the correct shipping carrier based on your timeline and budget.

Let’s jump to this easy guide that explains how to package your prized controller to prevent damage during shipping.

Packing Materials

  1. Sturdy Cardboard box.
  2. Bubble wrap.
  3. Packing peanuts.
  4. Packaging tape.

Ready to send off your Xbox controller to its new owner? Packing it up securely is key to ensuring it arrives safe and sound. Let’s walk through how to do it!

1. Gather Your Materials:

First, ensure you have everything you need. You’ll want a sturdy box that’s big enough to fit your controller and some padding material like bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Don’t forget tape and scissors too!

Step 1 on How to Ship an Xbox Controller

USPS has three sizes of flat-rate boxes. You can choose one according to the numbers of controllers you need to ship. I would say, this is the easiest packaging.

2. Wrap Your Controller:

Next, wrap your Xbox controller in bubble wrap or foam padding to protect it from bumps and scratches during shipping. Pay special attention to the joysticks and buttons, which are the most delicate parts.

Step 2 on How to Ship an Xbox Controller

Remember, no padding is too much when you are protecting your parcel. Tape the bubble wrap properly. Otherwise, your controller may slip outside the wrapping.

3. Place it in the Box:

Choose a box according to the number of controllers. Now, line your box with bubble wrap. Then, place the bubble-wrapped controller inside the box. 

Step 3 on How to Ship an Xbox Controller

Make sure it’s surrounded by plenty of padding material to cushion it on all sides. You want to minimize any movement inside the box during transit.

4. Seal the Box:

After your controller is securely in place, seal up the box with packing tape. Seal the box securely on both ends with 2-3 inches of packing tape. The best way is ‘H’ sealing method.

Step 4 on How to Ship an Xbox Controller

Make sure to reinforce all the seams and edges to prevent the box from bursting open during shipping. Shaking the sealed box should not cause any sounds or movements inside.

5. Label it Clearly:

Finally, don’t forget to label the box clearly with the recipient’s address and your return address. This will ensure that your package gets to its destination without any hiccups along the way.

Step 5 on How to Ship an Xbox Controller

Include a “Fragile” label/sticker on the outside of the box so shipping handlers use extra care. Also, label with the complete origin and destination addresses, including recipient’s phone number.

By following these simple steps, you can pack up your Xbox controller for shipping with confidence. So go ahead, send it off with peace of mind knowing that it’s well protected on its journey to its new home!

How Much Does it Cost?

You know the cost depends on factors like size, weight and distance. The cost of shipping your xbox controller can be between $7-$16 for a shorter distance. Faster and more distant delivery ups the rate.

To calculate specifics, check carrier websites as you’ll need exact dimensions and weight. Enter the shipment details including origin/destination zip codes for quotes. Rates fluctuate so compare across them.

Extra Safeguards

Extra Safeguards Featured Image

Insuring the declared value of the controller for damage/loss gives peace of mind and is just a couple dollars more. Tracking the shipment also lets you follow its movement.

Signature confirmation ensures someone is present to receive it. With strategic packaging, carrier selection, route details, and added coverage, an Xbox controller can ship securely from point A to B.

Shipping Carriers & Services

Shipping Carriers & Services USPS

USPS: For reliable and affordable shipping, I recommend USPS Retail Ground, UPS Ground, or FedEx Home Delivery to most destinations within 5-7 business days.

Shipping Carriers & Services UPS & FedEx

UPS & FedEx: Ground services like UPS or FedEx are most affordable at 3-5 days for delivery. Or choose expedited services from these carriers to receive as fast as overnight. USPS Retail Ground is also economical for 5-7 day timeframes. Rates vary based on box size, mileage and speed.

Insurance and tracking numbers are recommended to monitor transit and cover damages or losses. With mindful packaging and carrier selection, an Xbox controller can be securely shipped.

Some Tips

Damage During Transit

To prevent damage to the Xbox controller during transit, use adequate padding materials such as bubble wrap or foam inserts to cushion it inside the shipping box. 

Lost or Delayed Shipments

To minimize the risk of lost or delayed shipments, always use a reliable shipping carrier with tracking services. Keep a record of the tracking number and monitor the progress of the shipment online. 

In case of any delays or issues, contact the shipping carrier promptly to resolve the issue.

Incorrect Address or Labeling

Double-check the recipient’s address and ensure it is accurate and complete before shipping the Xbox controller. 

Clearly label the package with the recipient’s name, address, and any relevant shipping instructions. Using a shipping service that offers address verification can help prevent errors in labeling.

Shipping Costs

Compare shipping rates across different carriers to find the most cost-effective option for sending the Xbox controller. Consider factors such as delivery speed, insurance coverage, and additional services offered by each carrier. 

Additionally, packaging the controller efficiently can help reduce shipping costs by minimizing the package’s size and weight.

Customs and Import Restrictions (for international shipments)

Before shipping an Xbox controller internationally, research and comply with the customs regulations and import restrictions of the destination country. 

Ensure that the controller meets any specific requirements or certifications required for importation. Provide accurate and detailed customs documentation to expedite the customs clearance process.


Shipping Xbox controllers requires careful consideration. It is to ensure they arrive safely and on time. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can provide a positive experience for both yourself and the recipient. 

Shipping process includs proper packaging techniques, selecting the right shipping service, and addressing potential problems proactively. 

Whether you’re sending off a controller for repair, selling it to a buyer, or sending it as a gift, take the time to package it securely. Always choose the appropriate shipping options will help ensure its safe arrival at its destination. 

Happy shipping!

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