How to Ship Snapback Hats with Tips and Tricks to Avoid Disfiguring

How to ship snapback hats- Stack the hats on each other while ensuring the brims sit flat, and then secure them in a poly bag for extra protection. Pack the hats in a well-cushioned box, add packing material as required and get the hats to a shipping company or courier of choice.

Snapback hats are wardrobe staples.

If you are in the business of selling snapback hats, you might want to ship them to someone, or you may want to send them to a friend.

Snapback hats are not very fragile, but to get them to the recipient in the right state and shape, you must pack them accordingly.

If you do not know how to ship snapback hats, keep reading to learn how to while minimizing damage.

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What You Need to Prepare

  • The snapback hats you want to ship
  • A poly bag to put the hats in case of any possible moisture contact
  • Packing tissue or shredded newsprint to stuff the crown
  • Packing material like packing peanuts
  • A shipping box of an appropriate size to put the hats in. Make sure it has an extra allowance for packing material
  • Packaging tape to use for sealing
  • A package label with the shipping details. You can use a printed label or use a heavy black marker to label
  • Money to pay for shipping and extra charges

How to Pack Snapback Hats

In this guide, you will learn how to ship snapback hats safely and efficiently, like a pro. By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

1. Prepare and Secure the Snapback Hats Accordingly

You want to preserve the shape of the hat throughout transportation.
In other words, fill the hat up with packing peanuts.

You have no idea how postal workers will handle your parcel, hence the necessity to take this additional step.
Make sure there are plenty of packing peanuts to fill up the hat.

2. Pack the Snapback Hats

Layer the bottom of the shipping box with packing peanuts and place the secured hats inside by nesting them at the center of the box.

Add more packing material as required into any voids to ensure the hats won’t keep shifting while in transit.

You should make sure that you do not force the hats into the box as that can ruin and disfigure them.

3. Close and Seal the Shipping Box

Close the shipping box and seal the flaps and seams adequately with packaging tape.

You can use an “H” sealing method for that.

4. Label Your Package

If you are using a printed label, place it on the shipping box and secure it further by passing packaging tape over it.

This will also ensure that the details do not smudge during transportation.

The label you use should have both your address and the recipients.

If you use a marker, make sure all the details are clear.

Depending on how you have placed your hats, you can have a right-side-up label to alert the handlers on how to set or keep the box.

5. You’re Ready to Go

Your hats are now ready for shipping.

Either get them to a close-by shipping station or wait for the package to be picked up by the post person.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Snapback Hats?

To ship your snapback hats domestically, you should prepare around $30-$50.

Most shipping companies will charge for snapback hat shipments depending on the weight of your package or its size.

The price will also depend on whether the shipment is going to a domestic or international destination and your chosen shipping service.

If you want the shipping company to ship your hats faster, you can use an express service, but it will also cost you more than a standard service.

Domestic shipments can take a day or several business days, for example, if they are going to a different state.

International shipments generally cost more than domestic shipments, but different shipping companies also have varying costs.

The reason international shipments cost more is due to customs charges or taxes.

You should prepare around $100, but the price may be lower or higher depending on your package.

Usually, international shipments will take around a week or slightly more days.

Note: Use a company’s shipping calculator to get more accurate costs for shipping snapback hats domestically or internationally.

The Cheapest Way to Ship Snapback Hats

We recommend shipping your hats with UPS and using our shipping software as the cheapest way.

If you want to reduce the costs of shipping snapback hats, you can take advantage of a shipping company that works with shipping software.

Pirate Ship combines shipping volumes to offer cheap shipping rates, and it will get you pre-negotiated UPS charges.

It is free to use, but you must have an account to obtain your postage and shipping labels.

You will also need to know the dimensions and weight of your package since you must fill in these details.

From the shipping rates tab, you should see different UPS prices which you can compare and choose the cheapest one that suits your needs.

These rates are provided for domestic and international deliveries and the delivery times indicated- you can get your package delivered quickly and cheaply.

Final Thoughts

If you are shipping snapback hats to someone, it is your responsibility as the sender to ensure you deliver them in the proper condition regardless of the unpredictable transport hurdles.

As you pack your hats, be open-minded and remember accidents can happen.

We hope you can ship your hats without damage using the guide we have provided above.

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